Derek & Crystal’s Fairbank Wedding

Derek & Crystal have one of the cutest love stories I’ve ever heard. I absolutely have to share that with you!

“On Saturday, May 5th, 2018 – our senior year of college – Derek had me convinced that we needed to head back to Fairbank for a graduation/birthday lunch at his grandparents’ house with the rest of his family. I was anything but thrilled about this idea. It was Cinco de Mayo and I wanted to have fun with my friends in Dubuque! Nonetheless, I got ready for the day and got into the car. On the way back to Fairbank, Derek was very quite while I was driving and hosting my own personal concert in the car. We made a quick stop at my parent’s house before Derek insisted on driving the rest of the way to his grandparents’ house. As we drove in the driveway, I asked Derek why his parents weren’t there yet. All the vehicles I expected to be there were present except theirs. Derek explained that they must be near the barn planting a new row of trees still as he continued driving that way. This seemed like a perfectly good explanation to me, so I didn’t think twice. Derek parked the car by the barn in an open area. We both jumped out of the car as I continued being naive and asking where they were – I sure didn’t see them! As I started walking towards the timber, Derek stopped cold in his tracks and grabbed my hands. He started to explain that the reason he brought me back to this place was because it’s where it all began: Our first date and our first “I love you” both happened there. He went on saying that though he was nervous back then, four and a half years later he was more nervous now than he ever was before. Derek dropped to one knee….. and then I’m pretty sure I blacked out. I think I was repeating “Derek, what are you doing? Are you serious? No way. Is this real?” I don’t remember saying “Yes” or taking the ring (and neither does he!) . I don’t actually remember him asking me to marry me either. No one ever talks about how the details become a blur! After the ring was on my finger, we stood there hugging each other as I cried, and then just continued to look at each other and laugh. It honestly had to have looked so uncomfortably awkward to any bystander (good thing no one else was out there!) Nonetheless, it was so perfect.”

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