Mary & Troy’s Industrial Chic Wedding in Des Moines, IA

Really excited to share this beautiful day with you all! I first met these two in Coon Rapids, IA last year for their engagement session (be sure to peek at it because it’s one of my favorite on-location sessions to date!)

Aside from being super easy going and down to earth, another favorite thing about these two is the story of their first date!

“After a week of talking online, we set up our first meetup/date for December 23, 2014. He mentioned to meet at the Port, a nice restaurant in Panora, but I convinced him to meet me at the Owl’s Nest, which was a very low-key bar. I remember thinking that if things didn’t work out, I wouldn’t feel as guilty being that he didn’t spend much money on the date. On December 23, I took off from Coon Rapids to meet Troy in Panora. It was very snowy and my 2-wheel drive car does not drive well in such weather, but I was committed. About 12 minutes into my TREACHEROUS drive Troy texted me saying that may we should reschedule (snow had not even started to come down near his neck of the woods at this point AND Troy drives a Tahoe… so he was trying to get out of the date altogether). However, I convinced him to keep driving, because I refused to turn around. When I got to Panora, I parked and started walking to the bar only to spot Troy walking towards me from his car. Woofta! I thought he was so good looking. From that moment on, I got super nervous and I don’t think I stopped talking for the next 4 hours. Over that 4 hours, we had a beer together and some gourmet chips (whatever those are). Troy just sat there and listened so attentively as I blabbered. When I told him it was about time for me to go, he walked me outside until we were about halfway between our two cars. As we said goodbye, we shared our first kiss. All I could think of was WOW this has to be too good to be true. I turned and started walking to my car. Because I couldn’t help myself, I looked over my shoulder to get one last peak at him. The funny thing was that he was doing the same, but once he caught my eye, he turned around, walked over to my car, and gave me one more kiss for good measure. And the rest is history.”

Don’t forget to show some love to their incredible vendors!

Reception Venue & Decor: Stuart Alexander Productions

Ceremony: St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral

Dress: Modern Dress

Groom’s attire: Matthew Bridal

Hair & Make up: Bella Salon

Videogrpaher: D. Barrett Studios

Second Photographer: Jenni Chung

DJ: Bill Hermann

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