Iowa’s best desserts

Iowa’s best desserts – from drool-inducing cake-balls, to traditional buttercream frosting cupcakes

We are almost to cupcake season!  I mean, wedding season, haha.  I’ve had a ton of fun eating (I mean, PHOTOGRAPHING) all different kinds of wedding desserts over the last few years.  If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, “who makes some of Iowa’s best desserts?”, you’re in luck, friend.  See some of my favorites (and their talented creators!) below.

Warning: do not read this post if you’re hungry or have a major sweet tooth!


Brooke and Kohle had a donut display at their Fox Ridge Reception, and I’m still not over it 🙂

Cupcakes are pretty much life


I think it probably goes without saying, but I’m incredibly grateful to have such incredible couples.  They’ve all made sure myself and my assistant are always fed and taken care of after a long day lugging gearing and being on our feet.  We could totally get by without desserts, but like they say, when in Rome…


I cannot wait to see what kind of creative treats this year brings!  If you’re planning a wedding, let me know what your plans are!  Are you having a donut wall?  A smorgasbord of homemade pies?  Ice cream cake and a chocolate popcorn bar?  Do tell!


If you’re a cake artist, creative cupcake creator, or simply an incredible baker, and you’d like to be featured in this article, you can submit a sampling from your skill-set to me at anytime.  Okay, I’m kidding. Kind of 🙂

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