Shoot and Share contest results 2018

I think being an photographer in Iowa (heck, a Midwest photographer, let’s be real) is a pretty big challenge in and of itself

I mean, let’s talk about it for just a sec 🙂 We have to work around the most unpredictable weather: hot, humid summers, super frigid winters (-20 is my breaking point, I’ve recently learned) tornadoes, floods, all kinds of good stuff.

We also fend off thousands of mosquitoes, bees, and may-flies several times a year during nearly all outdoor portraits.  We lack epic landscapes (for the most part) that we see in major photography publications and blogs.  And even in the Shoot & Share contest 🙂

So, I guess, all of this to say I’m a little shocked and (extra proud??) to have snagged a first place award in the Shoot & Share contest this year!  So freaking cool!

This year I rounded up 50 photos pretty quickly

I submit them as soon as the contest opened, and tried to leave them alone.  I second guessed every entry, thought about switching some out for others, but ultimately just left them alone.  I probably submit most of the images to the guests and reception category.  It wasn’t planned, but I was just really excited about those photos in particular!  I also submit a few to newborn/birth, babies/toddlers, kids, engagement/couples, just the bride, wedding details, and lifestyle categories.

A big, huge thank you to Andrew Barlow and the PASS team (and contest sponsors) for making this contest so fun to be a part of!  It’s literally one of my favorite months of the year.  I love finding new inspiration and making new photographer friends (especially being able to find and meet another Iowa Photographer or two!).  And this platform is perfect for both!

I feel so inspired by the work I’ve seen in this year’s contest.  I cannot wait to get through this slow season and start creating again. And hopefully making some content to submit again next year!

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