How to Nail Your First Look Photos

How to Nail Your First Look Photos


1. Pick a location you love

Tell your photographer where you’d like to do the first look! Try to find a place that is private (sorry wedding party & fams!) so you can really soak it all in together, in a quiet and calm environment. You have the rest of the day get crazy.   If you don’t have an idea or preference, trust your photographer to find the right spot!


First look wedding photos


2. Slow down

Let your photographer(s) capture every angle as you walk. They may ask you to pause for a moment, to get both perspectives of you and your fiancé in your anticipation.  My best advice is to let it happen – and try not to feel rushed, even though you desperately want to just hug them already!


Iowa wedding photographer

Iowa wedding photographer


3. Have a signal/cue.

A tap on the shoulder.  Say their name.  A hug from behind.  Standing back to back until you give their hand a squeeze.  Know what you are going to do and then relay that information to your fiancé (and your photographer) so the surprise is seamless and can be captured!


First look wedding photos

Michael and Holly's first look



4. Tap into your feels

It’s okay to be nervous – but try not to let those nerves come across as worried.    Relax.  Breathe, and don’t lock your knees 😉


First look at Hickory Hills Park



5. Guys, especially (but, gals, too!) – you don’t have to cry

If you do cry, that’s a lovely, beautiful thing and we’ll absolutely embrace it. But, if you aren’t a crier – don’t fake it.  If you’re happy – smile.  And if you’re not, well, that probably deserves an entirely different post 😛


Sarah & Dusty's first look at the Celebration Farm

7. Involve a parent!

They’re riding the emotional rollercoaster of the day, too.  And you can be honest, this is a safe space – you’ve always wanted to make them cry (happy tears, of course)! Having a parent present for first look photos is definitely an easy way to make a sweet memory.


First look with Dad photos

And finally, if you still are not sure if a first look is for you, you can see the pros and cons of having one here in this article I wrote last year!  Another thing to consider (as if you don’t have enough to think about, lolll) – having a first look with a parent, grandparent, or your wedding party 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and reading these tips!  If you have anything to add to how to nail your first look photos, feel free to let me know in a comment!

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