What is the best way to get in touch?
Email, 100%! Sometimes Facebook messenger doesn’t alert me when I’ve received a message, and texts get buried fairly quickly. But email stays on the front burner until I’ve replied and things are resolved.

How do we book?
It's easy!  Fill out my contact form when you're ready to chat! Once we've had the chance to visit & see if we mesh, I'll send you an electronic quote where you can pick and choose your coverage time as well as any add-ons.  Once you accept your quote, there is a contract and a $1200 retainer fee.  Once both of those are complete, boom!  You're booked.

What should we wear for our engagement photos?
Something weather appropriate and comfy!  If we are doing an outfit change at all during the session, I like to recommend one dressy-casual and one dressier outfit!  You can also check out my engagement outfit board on Pinterest for some inspiration!

How long will it take us to receive our wedding photos?
It depends!  I promise 6-8 weeks unless otherwise noted, however it usually takes less time.  Some things that might affect your turn around time: the time of year (busy season usually hits in September!), whether or not we had a second photographer, the size of the wedding, etc. Weddings are generally edited in the order I photographe them.  I try to give my couples updates if it takes a little longer than usual.

Will we get a sneak peek?
You betcha!  Sneak peeks are shown on Facebook within 2-3 days (unless otherwise requested).  Feel free to tag yourselves, make the photos into your profile image, or share across your other social media platforms!  The more you like, comment, and share your sneak peeks, the more I'll probably end up posting! :)

Why don’t I see any family formals in your sneak peeks?
I *love* family formals! The only reason I do not share them is because if I share one grouping, I potentially open the door for other family members to privately reach out to me, asking to see “xx group of so and so”. And because I run a strict editing timeline, I simply cannot stop every other day or two to look for a specific group to edit and share individually. 

Can we have the RAW files?
Presently, I only deliver high resolution jpegs.  RAW files are not only huge & cumbersome files, they are also not suitable for print. In other words, they HAVE to be edited and/or converted to a jpeg or tif file before you send them out for print.  Even if you have the software to do these edits and convert the files, I do not allow additional edits on my work.  If you have questions about this, I'd be happy to discuss it in further detail!

frequently asked questions

These are just a few of the most frequently asked questions I tend to get, but as always - if you have any questions or concerns about anything - shoot me an email!  I do my best to respond within 24 hours :)